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How can I earn CE credits?

Credit Categories

1. Courses / Seminars / Conferences (Unlimited Credits / year) Credit Allocation
a) Professional conferences (BCAK, NSCA, ACSM, CSEP, BCRPA, NIDMAR, etc) 1 credit / hour
b) Courses/Workshops/Seminars/In-services related to Kinesiology
c) Online education courses/webinars
d) Vocationally related courses (those not related to the science of Kinesiology) - includes business, management, computing, or other technical training.
e) BCAK Pro-D events & sponsored courses 1 credit/hour or as indicated
f) First aid, CPR/AED, EMT 1 credit/hour (max 10 credits/year)
g) Completion of college or university courses in Kinesiology or a related work discipline 1 University credit = 10 credits
h) Passing a certification exam related to Kinesiology (NSCA, ACSM, CSEP, etc) 5 credits per exam
i) Self-directed study in Kinesiology, including podcasts, research review using the e-Health Library (BCAK website) or other source 1 credit/hour (max 5 credits/year)
2) Presenting/Teaching/Research (Max 15 Credits / year) Credit Allocation
a) Media presentations promoting Kinesiology Presenting at Conferences, seminars, Presenting research to professional/academic group Teaching or developing courses/workshops/in-service Preparation = 1 credit/hour 

Presentation = 1 credit/hour
b) Defending a thesis or published work in a Journal 15 credits
3) Services to Profession (Max 10 Credits / year) Credit Allocation
a) Publish article in Kinnected (Reviews of journal articles, books or courses, articles on profession) 5 credits/article
b) Training or mentoring of Kinesiology students 1 credit/hour
c) Kinesiology related volunteer work in the community 1 credit/hour
4) BCAK Participation (Max 15 Credits / year) Credit Allocation
a) President 10 credits
b) Other Officer 7 credits
c) Director 5 credits
d) Committee chair or member
e) AGM or GM attendance
f) Manning the BCAK booth at trade shows or conferences 1 credit per hour
Practicing & Non-Practicing members require a minimum of 20 credits per calendar year.
Please note the maximum number of credits accepted in each category.